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Fundraising Update

School-Force Annual Giving Campaign is going strong and as of February 29, 2016, we have received $838K in donations, but we are still behind where we were last year and so behind where our students need us to be!. If you haven't donated yet this year, now is the time. Click here to donate.

President's Message

Thank you so much for your donations. We as a community can help ensuring that our kids have a bright and shiny future. Every dollar donated is an investment for our child, in maintaining the staff and programs that make a vital impact on their education. Each dollar donated comes back to our child’s school multi-fold. As the school year switches a gear, let me be the first to thank you for your support. Thank you for your contribution and volunteers that helps us keep our commitment to our children.

Rakesh Hegde
President, School-Force
Parent, Sandpiper & Ralston Schools

Incoming K and TK Families – Donate to School-Force by June 30th to make a difference next school year!

Will your child be in kindergarten or TK (transitional kindergarten) next fall? Click on this link for detailed information on BRSSD’s enrollment timeline. Did you know that donations to School-Force enable our district to keep class sizes lower and fund librarians? Contributions made to School-Force now (by June 30th this year) will directly benefit your child next school year. To donate now or learn more, click on this link.
Who we are
School-Force is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to ensure an exceptional education for the children of the Belmont-Redwood Shores School District. With your help, as of fall 2014, we have raised over $11.5 million since 2001 to retain vital programs in our district. Learn more...
Why are these funds needed?
Prop. 13 dramatically changed the way California public schools are financed. Per-pupil spending in California once ranked among the top 5 states in the nation -- today we rank 47th. This adversely impacts our children and our economy. Learn more...
How you can help
Whether you’re a parent, community member, or local business, there are lots of ways to help. Donate, attend a fundraiser, contribute items to our auction, patronize our sponsor businesses, or volunteer your talents! Learn more...