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Recurring Donation FAQs

For many, giving monthly instead of in a lump sum is a more manageable way to make a donation to SchoolForce. SchoolForce needs your donation for next school year by June 30th. A donation of $1,500 per child by June 30th means just over $4 per day, or $125 per month per child to support quality education. Use the table on the right to calculate your monthly donation and set up a recurring monthly donation using a credit card or electronic check (selecting the Bank ACH / Direct Debit option).

If I want to make a monthly donation, how do I do it?

Go to our DONATION PAGE and fill in the donation form, selecting “Monthly Donation”.  At the bottom of the form, fill in the dates you would like to start and end you monthly donation.

What amount should I set as my recurring payment?

The deadline for donations for the fiscal year are June 30th, so divide your planned amount by the correct number of months.  Use the Monthly Donation Calculator to determine your monthly payment.

Can I donate monthly for longer or shorter than one year?

You can select the number of months you donate. When you setup the recurring donation, you must specify an end-date. The end-date can be any date you choose. If using a credit card, please make sure your end date is before your credit card expires.

When I donate online, can I tell the system what date the transaction should occur?

Yes. The “Begin Date” that you enter the transaction online will be the date that the transaction is charged against your card. If the charge is a monthly recurring entry, your card will be charged the same day each month as the initial begin date selected.  If the month ends before your selected date, the transaction will take place on the last day of the month.

How do I increase my monthly giving amount?

Please email us at and indicate your new monthly giving amount.

How do I change the credit card number or bank account for my donations? (What do I need to do if my credit card was stolen or is expiring?)

Please go to our website ( and create a new recurring donation. Next, email and let us know that you would like to cancel your initial recurring donation.

Do I need to re-start my credit card or ACH monthly donations every year? If so, how can I find out when I need to do that?

It depends. If your recurring donation was setup in 2012 or earlier, we have set your end-date to be the date that you specified or your credit card expiration date (if you didn’t specify an end-date). If you are unsure and you want to find out please email If your recurring donation was setup in 2013 or later, you were required to specify the end-date yourself.  Your recurring donation will end on that date and then you will need to go back into our website to create a new recurring donation. If you have a question about your end-date or would like to make any changes to your recurring donation, please email

When do I receive a tax receipt?

A receipt for tax purposes will be emailed to all donors by the end of January for donations made the prior calendar year.  If you need a receipt other than that at a different time (for company matching purposes for example) request one

How do I know that my online donation was successful?

After you have completed your donation and clicked on the ‘Donate Now’ button, confirmation of your donation will be on the right side of the donation page. You will also receive a separate confirmation email for your donation within 24 hours.

What if I have other questions about online credit card or direct debit bank donations?

Please send an email to

Please note that in order to protect the confidentiality of your financial information, SchoolForce volunteers are not permitted to take credit card or banking information over the phone or by email. Our volunteers are able to cancel recurring donations, change amounts, transactions or end-dates, but they cannot update account numbers or expiration dates.