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Detailed Donation Instructions

How to Fill Out SchoolForce’s Online Form


1.  Enter your donation amount and choose the ‘One Time Donation’ or ‘Monthly Donation’ button.
If you are donating on behalf of several children in one family, you can make a SINGLE online donation.

2.  Enter your name, address, and other contact information.
Each email address creates a new account, so if you have made a donation before please use a single email address or you will have multiple accounts and multiple end of year tax letters. Contact if you need to combine multiple accounts in your name.

3.  Fill in the ‘Company Name (Matching)’ field. You can use “Double Your Donation” to see if your employer will match your donation.
Company matching dollars can increase and sometimes double your donation to SchoolForce. For questions about company matching, email

4.  Enter the child(ren’s) school and your affiliation. Add the student(s) name(s) and Fundraising Campaign.
It is important to fill in the student information section to give the child credit for your donation! If you are a friend of the family, choose the ‘Relative’ option. Fundraising Campaign options include Annual Giving, Reading Power, and the Endowment Fund.

5.  Next, choose to pay by Credit Card or Bank ACH/Direct Debit (electronic check) and fill in credit card or checking account information.
Credit cards fees range from 2-3% while a direct debit will cost a flat fee of$0.75. Especially for larger donations, we encourage you to use the direct debit option to save us fees. If you do not see the option to fill in cc or checking account information, go to the top of the form make sure that the ‘One Time Donation’ button is selected.

6.   For recurring donations, choose the start and stop dates for your monthly donation.
Make sure to select a STOP date that is BEFORE the expiration of your credit or debit card. Recurring donations will charge the amount your listed at the top of the form on a monthly basis.

7.   Click ‘Donate Now’ button to complete your transaction.
Do NOT select the ‘Back’ button or click the ‘Donate Now’ button twice. Confirmation of your donation will be on the right side of the donation page. You will also receive a confirmation email for your donation within 24 hours.


If you need additional help filling in this form, please email