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SchoolForce & BRSSD Funding History

2001In the face of serious budget shortfalls, the Belmont-Redwood Shores school district places a parcel tax measure on the ballot for approximately $4 million in funding for the district per year for 10 years—when that parcel tax failed the district announces that it would be ending instrumental music. Dave Karlin, local parent,  mobilizes a group of gather donations to fund music – they raise $36,275 in the first year and save the music program.
2002Belmont Redwood Shores Public School Foundation (SchoolForce) becomes a legal entity and receives its non-profit status, joining the growing ranks of educational foundations all over California that serve to supplement shrinking school budgets.  Save the Music is held for the first time.
2004Reading Power is started with the hope of eventually raising $100,000.  Now it’s a hugely successful fundraiser for SchoolForce, raising over $300,000 annually!
2004Parcel measure G approved for $96/parcel for 10 years – first voter approved parcel tax since SF started
2005Bond Measure C approved by voters for $25M to purchase purchase land and to cover building costs for the new Redwood Shores Elementary School
2008Casino Royale, a district-wide auction fundraiser starts
2008Measure U is approved by the voters, parcel tax of $78 for seven years
2010During the I’m In! campaign in the spring of 2010, SchoolForce raises an unprecedented $1.6 million thanks to record numbers of parents, grandparents, teachers, community members, and local businesses that have chosen to support SchoolForce and make significant changes in our children’s lives. 
2010Redwood Shores Elementary opens for the 2010-2011 school year and SchoolForce endowment is seeded with $36K
2010Bond measures I/N approved for $60M to make improvements at all schools in the district
201210th anniversary of Save the Music
2013SchoolForce breaks all previous fundraising years by reaching its $2M goal during the 2012-2013 school year. Over 200 people donate their time and talent to continue to raise funds for our schools.
2013Measure R passes with the approval of 71.4% of the voters, combining two existing school parcel taxes (Measure G and Measure U) into one payment of $174 per parcel per year. The 10-year parcel tax will start July 1, 2015.
2014Bond Measure I passes with the approval of 64.8% of the voters, providing ~$48M funding for classrooms and technology for ongoing district expansion.
2016SchoolForce celebrated its 15th year supporting the Belmont Redwood Shores School District.
2018Measure K, adding a $118 parcel tax for the District for five years, passes with 67.7% of the vote, generating $1.4M annually for the District. This alleviates but does not eliminate some planned budget cuts.
“[When I was President] we recruited leaders from each of the schools to serve on the Board and to promote SchoolForce within their community.. Alerting parents of the need for extra funding was new to public school education.  Now it’s a given!”

-Colleen Devlin, SchoolForce President 2005, 2006

“Our community–both parents and non-parents–is committed to the future of its children. That is shown every day in ways large and small. Now is the time to join them and get involved.”

-Brian Matthews, SchoolForce President 2014


Initially,  SchoolForce donations primarily helped fund ‘nice to have’ programs such as the elementary school instrumental music program, science specialists, library staff, teachers’ aides and much more. However, with today’s economic challenges, SchoolForce is now also focused on raising money to basic funding for essentials such as teacher salaries for class-size reduction and staff development for the new Common Core Curriculum.


With everyone’s help, we can make a difference!