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Reading Power 2018

Planning for SchoolForce’s 2018 Annual Read-A-Thon is underway! Read our FAQs below if you would like to learn more about Reading Power, or email your school’s Reading Power chair with questions. Check back soon for more details on this year’s district-wide Read-A-Thon fundraiser…
“Dive into Reading!”

Jan. 12 to Jan. 26, 2018
Belmont-Redwood Shores Schools
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2018 Reading Power forms will be available in January.

2107 Reading Power Forms:

Instructions Elementary Schools
Pledge Form Elementary
Reading Log Elementary

Instructions Ralston
Pledge Form Ralston
Reading Log Ralston

Sample Donation Email/Letter – Dive into Reading!
Sample Donation Email/Letter – Dive into Reading at Ralston

Reading Power Read-A-Thon

The SchoolForce Reading Power Read-A-Thon is a fun two-week event that encourages the love of reading and raises money for our schools. Students log the amount of time they read and collect pledges from friends and extended family to raise money for SchoolForce, the Belmont-Redwood Shores Public Schools Foundation. Money raised during Reading Power benefits EVERY student in our school district by supporting librarians, reading specialists, and many other programs this year.

Reading Power Timeline – 2018

  • week of Jan 12th – Reading Power packets distributed to each student at school
  • Jan 12th through Jan 26th – Reading Power
  • Feb 2nd – Reading Power packets (including reading logs and pledge forms) due

Did you know?

In 2016, Belmont-Redwood Shores students read over 3.1 million minutes and raised over $303,000 for SchoolForce!!!  This amounts to a total of 5.9 YEARS (!!!) read by Belmont-Redwood Shores students and staff in a two week period. Money raised during Reading Power benefits ALL students in our school district by supporting librarians, reading specialists, class size reduction, music, and many other programs this year.

Reading Power FAQs

How does Reading Power work?
Reading Power is a Read-a-thon where students read books and collect pledges for their time read during the two week event.  Students record the amount of time they spend reading each day during the campaign. (Kindergartners and 1st graders may log minutes read for books they have read themselves and/or books read to them on the reading log.) During the two week event, students are encouraged to ask friends, neighbors and extended family to make a pledge for their reading efforts.  Reading Power packets (which include a reading log, pledge form and instruction flyer) will be distributed to each child at school on the week of January 16th. Reading Power starts on Friday, January 20th and runs through Friday, February 3rd.  The Reading Power packets (reading logs, pledge forms and donations) are due a week after the event is over.

How should I ask friends and family to sponsor me?
To make it easier for you to reach out to friends and family, you can use the Sample Donation Letter (link to letter in gray box).  This template gives simple information about Reading Power as well as some simple instructions for online or check donations.  Feel free to modify your ask to friends, family, and neighbors as you’d like!

How exactly does my child earn scales, starfish, or fish?
Each elementary school displays minutes read in during Reading Power by handing out scales or fish for minutes read and creates a display at school.  Parent/guardians should initial each line of your child’s reading log. PLEASE CHECK minutes read and confirm that the math and reading time is correct.  Your child brings his or her reading log to school to claim paper scales, starfish, seals or fish. For every 100 minutes read, students earn an item to add to the display. Note that each school has different dates, times, and amount of minutes for distributing these items, so look for instructions from the Reading Power Chair at your school.

Are there prizes for participating?
Yes. The class with the highest participation at each school wins a party. The Top Class Reader and Top Fundraisers at each school also win a prize. Also, 1000-Minute Club members will earn a prize at an awards ceremony at the end of the campaign.  Remember, to be considered a participant and to be eligible for any prizes, students must turn in a completed Reading Power packet by the deadline with at least one pledge.

What is the 1000 Minute Club?
Elementary students who read 1,000 minutes or more during the Reading Power Read-a-thon and turn in the Reading Power packet on time with at least one donation make it into the 1000-Minute Club. 1000-Minute Club members will earn a prize at an awards ceremony at the end of the campaign.

How can our friends and family sponsor my child?
Sponsors can pledge either a flat amount or donate by number of minutes read by writing a check payable to “SchoolForce” or donating online (using a credit card or electronic check) at Online donations are strongly encouraged, particularly using an electronic check or ACH which reduces the fees that are charged.  Donors will receive a donation confirmation immediately when donating online.

Is a Reading Power donation different than my annual SchoolForce donation?
SchoolForce welcomes all donations, though we do encourage parents and students to use Reading Power as a way to ask grandparents, neighbors and extended family to make a pledge for the students’ reading efforts and help our schools financially. Many friends and family find this is the perfect way to encourage your child’s academic success and also show they care by supporting your child’s school. Parents and guardians should still make their suggested donation of $1500 per child (or as much as they can afford) during the SchoolForce Annual Giving Campaign, which runs from November through June each year.

How much does Reading Power raise for our schools?
Last year, Belmont-Redwood Shores students read over 3.1 million minutes and raised over $303,000 for SchoolForce! Those funds are helping to support class size reduction, libraries, music, reading specialists and many other programs this year.

For more information, contact your school’s Reading Power Chairperson or email

 “Dive Into Reading!”


Contact Information for 2017 Reading Power Chairs

Fox Elementary
RWS Elementary
Ralston Middle
Reading Power Chair
Reading Power Chair
Inga Lapsins
Gerald Truong
Andrea Ganim
Susanne Shubert
Suzette Gulsen
Sarah Phillips
Eric Manning & Clarissa Naftzger
Ardythe Andrews
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