SchoolForce » Annual Giving Campaign 2016-2017
Annual Giving Campaign 2016-2017
November is the start of SchoolForce’s Annual Giving Campaign. We ask families to support our kids and their teachers by contributing to the foundation to bridge the gap between expenses & what our students need for a quality education. SchoolForce’s Annual Giving Campaign runs from November – June. This allows you to choose when is most convenient for your family to make your contribution. Our fundraising goal is $2M for the 2016-2017 school year which is what is needed to support teacher salaries and programs for one year. What is your plan to support quality education this year? November 2016 – June 2017
Belmont-Redwood Shores Schools
As the school district’s primary fundraising organization, the mission of SchoolForce is to raise money to hire teachers and support programs to ensure an exceptional education for the children of the Belmont-Redwood Shores School District.
100% Tax Deductible
SchoolForce is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Educational Foundation, Tax ID 91-2159650. All donations are 100% tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.


Annual Giving Campaign

Last year SchoolForce raised $1.7 million, which is currently being used to fund programs and staff for this school year. Starting this year SchoolForce is also funding $125,000 toward “Technology Devices” as part of the district initiative to get kids access to devices like tablets and chrome-books.

Although the economy is improving, the district costs continue to be greater than what we get from the state. So if we come up short, it may impact our ability to fund future programs. Programs SchoolForce currently funds include reading, science & library specialists, a dean & counselors, Music Teachers, sports programs, music instruments and technology. The SchoolForce funding breakup is shown below.

In early November, SchoolForce kicked off our Annual Giving Campaign, celebrating the efforts that SchoolForce makes every year to help fund the gap between our education funding and expenses. This is the also the time of year we remind people to plan their donations and/or make a donation if you haven’t yet done so. Thank you so much for supporting SchoolForce!

Donations to SchoolForce made by June 30th, 2017 will be used to preserve smaller class sizes, and programs like, music, technology, science & reading specialists, athletics, classroom aides and librarians. This year we are asking families to donate $1500 per student, which is the amount we need to fund vital programs. Our per-student ask remains the same as last year. We know that not everyone can donate at the ask, so please consider donating what you can. We aim for 100% parent participation, at any donation level.

Suggested Donation Levels – 2016-2017

Ask = $1,500 per child
Scholar’s Circle = $3,500


Make a One Time or Recurring Donation

  • Donate Online Via eCheck preferred method for one-time or recurring online donations

(less costly to SchoolForce than credit cards)

  • Donate Online by Credit Card convenient one-time or recurring monthly donation

Please consider increasing your donation by 2.5% to cover the cost of credit card processing.

  • Donate by Checkoffline preferred method and least costly to SchoolForce

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